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You’re out and about, thinking vaguely about eating when you spot a crowd of folk clustered around a truck in a park or street. People are walking away clutching precious parcels that smell amazing, barely pausing to get clear of the mob before getting stuck in. Congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon a food truck in the wild.

Food truck

What is a food truck?

A food truck is exactly what it sounds like – a truck (or van, or caravan, or anything mobile really) from which you can buy food.

Those readers whom, like ourselves, enjoyed the delights of an annual agricultural show, will be familiar with the inevitable hot chip van or hot potato man.

Food trucks are the same idea, but with the added idea of serving specialist or gourmet food . They saw a gigantic rise in popularity in the US is recent years and it’s taken a little while but Australia’s cities are now spawning their own fleets.

What’s for dinner?

Food trucks tend to specialise in one genre or type of food. Some just do pork buns, or loaded hot dogs; others slow cooked BBQ or tacos.

A word of warning: food truck fare is rarely cheap. Taste, however, is paramount to their business plan, so most vendors will be making sure that whatever you order; it’s the greatest darn thing you’ve put in your mouth hole that week.

Food truck BBQ bun

Where do I find them?

When the first food trucks started in Brisbane a few years ago, half the fun was waiting for them to post on social media where they would be that day or night. We’d jump in the car and race across the suburbs in search of something different for dinner.

Most food trucks operate via social media pages such as Facebook, but some have websites. Simple follow or log on to see where your fave Mexican van will be this weekend.

The best place to find food trucks though, is outdoor events. Local markets, street parties, or even specialist food truck gatherings in parks are sure to see a cluster of lovely foodie options turn up. Watch your local listings, as they say.

A hotel near my work has started hosting about half a dozen food trucks in their driveway for Friday lunch, once a month. It’s pretty great. A good slow-cooked pulled beef bun is on my list of things I hope they’ll have in heaven.

Pulled beef roll

Gourmet or good grub

If you live outside an urban area and don’t have local food trucks, don’t despair. Sometimes the city vans venture forth into the country for festivals or local events.

And with the growing popularity of food trucks, it’s possible someone in your area might just start one near you soon!

Oh, and we forgot to mention one of the best things about them – the glorious puns.

Food truck

Tell us in the comments below – if you’ve had the pleasure, what’s your favourite food truck fare?

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