Be Inspired by an Instameet

Instagram is one of the fastest growing and most popular social media platforms right now. And one of the unexpectedly great things about being part of this photographic community is the opportunity to go to an Instameet!

What is an Instameet?

Instameets are quite simply meet-ups organised by people who love to Instagram. They may be officially associated with the app, such as a Worldwide Instameet, or a more informal gathering. 

Usually an invitation will be posted on the host’s feed a few days or weeks before the meet-up date. Most are public and anyone is welcome. 

The location

The location for the Instameet is crucial – Igers are always looking for something interesting and/or pretty to take photos of! Places of natural beauty, or areas with interesting architecture or history are popular. 

Timing is also important. Every “Iger” worth their salt knows they’ll get gorgeous shots at Golden Hour! For this reason sunrise or sunset meet-ups are excellent. 

Other factors like access and availability of public transport need to be considered too. 

What do I bring to an Instameet?

There are very few essentials for enjoying an Instameet. Number one is of course a camera. And no, you won’t be frowned upon for bringing your DSLR and tripod! Although Instagram is hugely popular with phone photographers, traditionalists are not discouraged. So whether you bring just your phone or a big camera -or both! – is up to you.  

If you have a backup battery power pack for your phone, bring that. And show up with your phone fully charged and ready for action. Adjust your screen brightness for maximum photo-taking ability whilst preserving battery!

And because you’ll be walking around a bit (or a lot, depending on the nature of the meet), we also suggest a hat and water. Stay sunsafe when out and about on the weekend folks!

Instameet fun

We recently attended our first Instameet, run by @igersbrisbane, the official Brisbane Instagrammer hub. It was at West End, and the organisers had made sure it was an action-packed day. 

First we enjoyed the hospitality of The Greek Club, being served an amazing feast of Greek delights for lunch. We learnt a bit about the history of Paniyiri Festival (on again in May) and learnt to dance the Zorba!

Then the St George Orthodox Church next door was on the agenda, and we learnt a bit about the religion and the beautiful building itself. Decked out for their Palm Sunday service the next day, it was certainly something to behold.

Next we were given into the capable hands of the Brisbane Greeters, a volunteer organisation that shows visitors around our great city for free. They took us on a walking tour of the streets and back alleys, old houses, laneways, bars and coffee shops. We poked our noses in everywhere! What was great was that there was a little something for every Iger, whatever subject matter they preferred snapping. Most of us liked the street art best. 

Tips for making the most of an Instameet

We highly recommend being social – saying hello and making conversation with your fellow meet-attendees. It’s so great to talk with people who share your passion! You might already be familiar with their work, in which case it’s sometimes like meeting an old friend. You’ll get new followers too, always a good thing. 

If there are name tags, put your Instagram handle on it! Every place you go is an opportunity for someone to be curious about your profile and check it out. I forgot I had mine on and wore it to pick up pizza later on!

Basic photography etiquette applies. Don’t push to get to the best position. Stand back and let others get their shot too. Point out great lighting or pic opportunities to everyone! Sharing the love is what Instameets are all about. 

Lastly, thank the organisers at some point in the day and remember to use the designated hashtags on your pics. If there has been PR involved, it’s the least you can do. And other attendees will be able to see your pics from the meet for days after and give you hearts!

Instameet love

Once you’ve been to one, you’ll be keen to go to another Instameet for sure. Keep an eye on your local Iger hub accounts or search appropriate hashtags to find them. 

You don’t even have to be restricted to your local group. Brisbanites may take a day trip to attend a Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast meet-up, or vice versa. 

Happy snaps

We had an awesomely great time at our recent Instameet, and will definitely be going to more. Not only do you get to meet other cool Igers and have fun, it’s an absolutely fabulous method of getting content for weeks afterward!

Have you ever been to an Instameet? What was it like?

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