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The tension of the match, the prowess of the athletes,  the roar of the crowd, the jubilation of a win – these things are what makes us love sport the world over. Australia likes to think of itself as a sporting nation, and one that is pretty good at most of them. With Rio 2016 coming up, this week we are thinking about sport, sport, sport.

weekend sport

Weekend sporting activity is almost an institution in Australia. You only have to drive past your local football, soccer, netball or cricket field on a Saturday morning to see just how many people are getting out in the sunshine and enjoying a sport.

Many a childhood is punctuated by the regular rhythms of sports practise and big games, but when we become adults sometimes we become better supporters or fans than actual players!

welcome sports fans

Being a sporting team fan can be as serious a business as you want it to be. We all know someone whose sports obsession is more than a hobby and kind of becomes a lifestyle choice! In sports like football, the clubs work hard to foster a feeling of belonging and community amoungst their fans.

Being a member of a sporting team fan club is beneficial not only financially, but you can also gain great access to special events like meet & greets. Who doesn’t want to meet their favourite player, after all?


We have a confession to make: we are not a sporting household. Despite us both being brought up by families obsessed with NRL, we don’t follow any teams or watch games. Mr sometimes enjoys Nascar, V8s or ice hockey on Fox Sports, but doesn’t follow the careers of any particular drivers or teams.

Recently I entered a competition to win some tickets to a netball game. And lo and behold, I won a double-pass to see Qld Firebirds vs NSW Swifts at Boondall. As the Mr wasn’t interested, I co-opted a fellow blogger Vanessa from Normal Ness and away we went.

And what a fabulous time we had! I had no idea so many were “into” netball. The stadium was full, the atmosphere electric. The announcer geed-up the crowd with exhortations, the fans waved their homemade signs and the whole thing was great fun.

The match itself was pretty intense, and I quickly recalled most of the rules I’d forgotten from the last time I’d been forced to play GK, which was high school. The Firebirds won, prompting many cheers and sparking not a small amount of state pride in our own hearts!

support some sport

So will we now become a sporting household? Probably not a fanatical one, but I  will now be following the rest of the ANZ Championship netball series with interest. I now know the games are televised so I might be giving our Foxtel sports channel subscription a better workout!

There’s plenty of ways you can get involved in sport yourself without having to buy a scarf in team colours. If you need to up your exercise regime and hate the gym, why not join a local sports team? Mixed touch footy, netball, volleyball and the like are always looking for players. Indoor sports centres are great places to not only get into some games but also expand your social circle and do something a bit different than going to the pub every weekend.

If you’re not the world’s most coordinated or sporty person, you could look around your local area and start supporting a local team that is competing in a formal league. Your kid doesn’t have to be in the team for you to go to your suburb’s footy team home game! Check out local guides to see what’s on. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the relatively cheap ticket prices too.

If local sport isn’t your thing, perhaps look at what’s going on at a state or national level. We all know about the big leagues like cricket, NRL, AFL and A-League, but perhaps check out some of the lesser-known (but still with huge followings!) sports like netball, hockey, basketball, tennis or car racing.

Do you support a sports team? Tell us about it!

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