Exercise your democratic right to a Sausage Sizzle this Election Day

It’s Election time and Aussies have a big decision to make on Saturday – no, not the choice between the Libs, Labs and Greens; I mean the more important choice between onion and no onion at your local polling booth sausage sizzle. This is serious, folks. 

When I was little, the tiny primary school I went to’s P&C earned a fair chunk of its annual revenue via a cake stall if it was an election year. We kids would wait outside on the steps while mum & dad did something mysterious with pieces of paper and afterwards, if we were good, we might be get a patty cake (no such Americanisms as “cupcake” then) or Anzac biscuit. 

Lovingly baked by local parents, the cake stall was a bit of an institution and to be honest I think the local bachelor farmers sometimes may have only rolled up for the chance to snaffle a homemade nutloaf or teacake. 

These days the Election Day stall trend – in the city, anyway – now seems to lean towards the ubiquitous sausage sizzle. It doesn’t matter if you’re there at opening to get the whole process out of the way or rocking up after lunch, a partially burnt sausage on white bread with onions (or not!) and lashings of sauce goes down a treat. And you get to support your local community group, whether it’s the school, a church, Scouts, Lions or whoever!

In recent years, the Internet has made it easy to find out whether your local polling booths will be having a sausage sizzle or cake stall. Where there are multiple booths available, I know of more than a few people who choose where to vote based on the food options available. So where do you point your mouse? Snag.vote‘s website has you covered. It’s even got info on the overseas consulates that are getting in on the sausage sizzling action!

So if you’re one of those folk who had to pre-poll; we understand that you had reasons, but frankly I do feel for you because you missed out on a snag or cake. If you’re thinking of pre-polling without a legit reason, well I hope we’ve given you a good reason not to and wait until Saturday.

In conclusion: Vote 1 the Aussie Election Day Sausage Sizzle! And don’t forget the social media hashtag for the sharing your food: #democracysausage.

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