10 Totally Free Things to do This Weekend

Wondering what to do this weekend but your pockets are bare? Never fear, here’s 10 totally free things you can do on a Saturday or Sunday.

1. Have a picnic in the park

It’s so obvious, yet so many of us never make time to do it. Make a peanut butter sandwich, throw a drink and a book in a bag, find an old blanket and hey presto! You’re ready to picnic.

2. Visit your local library

If you’re not a regular library-goer,  you’re in for a nice surprise. Your local is  full of not only books but magazines, DVDs, cookbooks and oodles more. I wrote a bit about my love of book-reading here.


3. Start a blog

Blogging is ridiculously easy to start. Pick a topic, create an account with Blogger or WordPress and get creating some content! Trust me, if I can do it, you can too.


4. Listen to a podcast

Podcasts are only gaining in popularity, and there are so many now. Some cover topics you’ve never dreamed of. My current fave is Sweet Teen Club, which is heaven for a 90s teen like me! 

5. Enter some competitions

Who doesn’t love winning things? It’s actually pretty easy to win stuff regularly if you enter competitions regularly. Read more about the hobby of “comping” here.

6. Go geocaching

Way before Pokemon Go! there was geocaching. It’s a real-world treasure hunt that’s surprisingly challenging. Read more about Geocaching here


7. Be a Pantry Chef

Ever challenged yourself to make or bake something using only what you’ve got in the house? Use a site like Supercook to enter the ingredients you have on hand and find something you can cook!

8. Pull out the Boardgames

How long since you’ve argued over Pictionary? Go find those games you have tucked in the top of the linen cupboard and bully or bribe someone to play a game or two.


9. Freecycle your Heart Out

Did you know people give stuff away for free? Browse your area on Freecycle.org and maybe give someone’s unwanted exercise bike a home.


10. Netflix and Chillax

Ok, so maybe you don’t subscribe to Netflix. But you can often sign up for a streaming service and get a free trial period. Failing that, binge-watch that DVD boxset you spent so much money on 3 years ago!

So which of these will you try this weekend? Let us know!


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  1. Some great suggestions here. I have never tried “comping” which is crazy. Why have I never thought of this? Good luck with the 7 day challenge.

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