Cafe Society – Ortem, Toowoomba

There’s something happening at the top of the Range. I hesitate to call it gentrification, because Toowoomba has always been home to the landed gentry. And it’s not “hipsterisation” either, as there is no proliferation of electrical spool tables, milk crates, mason jars or industrial decor.

No, instead I’ll just say that Toowoomba is getting cooler – in the non-weather kind of way!

New cafes, coffee shops and bars are popping up all over the place and it’s exciting for locals and visitors who are a bit over The Park House or the Coffee Club!

Cafe love

Recently after a morning strolling the Russell St area with my mum and checking out the street art from First Coat, we were in need of rest and sustenance. I’d seen Ortem mentioned around the traps on social media and was on my check-it-out list.

This cafe is located in Railway St, amongst a strip of antique stores and opposite the historic railway station. Patrons are greeted by greenery, painted concrete floors and cheerful staff.

Coffee and Cake

There for a restorative cuppa, we were told it was table service and happily ensconced at a table on the footpath under an umbrella. No menus appeared, but we asked for tea and coffee and chose a gluten free chocolate cake from the display cabinet inside.

Drink and cake arrived in the blink of an eye and it was lovely. I’m a firm believer Amy kind of cake should always be served with ice cream, cream or both!

I gave mum a lesson in food Instagramming and we sat enjoying our fare in the winter sunshine.

Happy days 

Ortem is located in a pleasant spot, the street is not overly busy and its proximity to antique stores delightful. Not that we ever need an excuse!

It apparently used to be a ball-bearing factory (of all things), and has a licensed event venue upstairs. Downstairs, the cafe is open for breakfast and lucch and encourages communal dining and shared newspapers at the big table inside.

We’ll probably be back to try the breakfast menu and enjoy some more of the excellent coffee and tea.

Been to any good coffee places lately? Send us your recommendations! We hope to make Cafe Society an ongoing series. 


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  1. I love the central table! My favourite coffee shops have large communal spaces that cause people to interact, even if only a ‘hello, may i?’. Looks like a lovely little venue.

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