Pursue Your Passion – Problogger Training Event 2016

“A man’s got to have a hobby” – so goes the title of one of William McInnes’ memoirs. The quote is from his father and I stand by it, but I think it should apply to all humans – as in, ¬†everyone should have an “interest”. You know, that thing that you do when you’ve got spare time. That thing that you make time for. Everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their passion.

For myself, I was always a bit interested in writing. I wrote little fiction stories when I was younger but as I grew older I discovered blogging… and now I wrote stuff about life. I share stories, I recommend things. I write online, and as such get to call myself a Blogger.

One of the joys of having a hobby is finding like-minded others. Whether you enjoy building model airplanes or yarn bombing or making furniture, there are always people out there somewhere in the world that enjoy the same thing, and you can get so much satisfaction from being part of a wider community of people with a shared interest.

Blogging is a good example; and this weekend I’ll be going to a conference at the Gold Coast with hundreds of others who share the same passion. We will talk, we will learn, we will make friends! It’s all part of a big community experience.

This will be my third time attending Problogger Training Event, and each year I find I get something a little more out of it. Just discussing your hobby – or indeed your business, these days – with others who know exactly what you’re talking about, have experienced the same challenges and can laugh at the same mistakes is very satisfying!

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to a big conference centred on their area of interest  Рnor can many afford the expense of functions like these. However I do encourage you to reach out into the community surrounding your hobby and see if you can connect with others in different ways Рperhaps via on online forum, or a local meetup. There may be free or relatively cheap classes you can attend in person or virtually. And the most wonderful thing of all to me is those occasions you can listen to an expert in the field. Webinars, seminars, lectures Рthese are all gold to the passionate hobbyist.

So perhaps soon you will see the result of my learnings and experiences from this weekend’s conference on this very blog! Whatever the outcome, I intend to enjoy myself with my bloggy community. They’re a great bunch.

What’s your hobby? Tell us all about it!


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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to ProBlogger but financially it has never been viable for me. One day. For me, meeting like minded people would be the best part about the entire experience but you’re right there are heaps of forums and FB pages where I can feel apart of a community x

    1. PBEvent is a significant expense, I readily acknowledge if it hadn’t been on the Gold Coast the last three years, I would not have been able to go! The blogging community is great isn’t it?

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