Benefits of a Hotel Minibreak

When I think “Minibreak”, I think of Bridget Jones fronting up to a hotel in the country, wind-blown hair and all, after a long drive in a convertible with her floppy-haired paramour. But your little getaway doesn’t haven’t to be quite so exhilarating.

Because you’re worth it

If you’re initially struggling with the idea of giving yourself a break, think about why you deserve it. You work hard. Your money is your own to spend how you choose. And all work and no play does sometimes in fact make Jill a dull girl.

Yes, you could spend the money required for such a getaway on something more useful, like new shoes. You could perhaps spend less; stay home and splurge on a mani/pedi, hair appointment and some new perfume. Or indulge in some online retail therapy. Or treat yourself to some new books and magazines.

But what these purchases don’t do is remove yourself from your usual habitat and routine.

Gotta get away

There are a few reasons that I’m advocating not only a Minibreak, but a hotel one.  However the main one is because you’re breaking away from your home and all the associated mental and physical “stuff” associated with it.

Think about it.

  • You are in a different location, away from your normal routine of tasks you have to do
  • You’re paying someone else to do the mundane housework things that everyday living requires: tidying, laundry, changing towels, making beds, cooking meals
  • You can get up when you want, ideally you’ve got no plans except those you want to make
  • The biggest choices you may have to make are what clothes to wear and what food you want someone else to cook for you
  • Other people are there to meet your needs for once (this is the definition of luxury to me)
  • All the leisure time created by not having to do boring life stuff leaves you free to indulge in whatever you please
  • With less to think/worry about, your mind should slow down and hopefully this induces a feeling of relaxation

Recharge your batteries

I also believe you don’t have to spend a small fortune on a Minibreak. The point is not to indulge in a 5-star luxury getaway (although no judgement if that’s what you want), but to break the cycle of work/life that can sometimes make you feel as if you’re shackled to a wheel of relentless routine.

By relocating and removing yourself from these stresses for a short time, your mind and body gets a break, recharging your spirit and maybe even giving you the chance to reflect, imagine, plan and be inspired for the future!

Where should I go?

There are a thousand places you could go for a short break, the point is that it’s not your house. Depending on your time constraints and budget, you could go anywhere from a hotel in your own city or town to another country.

We tend to forget sometimes that places like New Zealand, the South Pacific Islands or South East Asia are only a few hours flight away. And sometimes they’re cheaper than a nearby mountain resort or beach hotel room!

Think about what you’d like to do and get out of your break. Want to go bushwalking? Lie by a pool? See somewhere new? Factor these types of motivations into your plans, combine with budget and time available and – JUST GO.

You don’t have to be alone

And nobody said you have to be alone to relax and recharge. If there’s someone in your life who doesn’t annoy the heck out of you with their habits and could also use a break from the everyday grind, why not invite them along?

You don’t have to spend every waking minute with your travel partner – make sure you still get some alone time. Even holiday socialising can be taxing on the nerves!

Put away your guilt

At first glance, it may appear that you’re running away from your problems. That by leaving the annoying stuff like housework and everyday decision-making at home, you’re simply postponing doing the tough “real” stuff that life demands.

I don’t see it that way. I think getting away from your usual life and indulging in something out-of-the-ordinary has benefits that cannot be outweighed by feelings of guilt at leaving your normal life behind for a few days.

Being able to slow down and relax is not only amazing for your stress levels but encourages you to see your life from a different perspective. You can examine your motives and goals from a little distance, and truly listen to your feelings without the noise of everyday stuff drowning them out. You might be inspired to make change, or have an awesome idea that you’d like to implement. Who knows what other cool things a little holiday might bring?

So, when was the last time you had a Minibreak? Got any planned? Tell us about it!


10 thoughts

  1. Not often without kids (which although lovely, are less relaxing). I think the time away was part of the appeal of ProBlogger! But I went away to Healesville last holidays for two days / one night with my husband, and that was so great – we should do that more often!

    1. Getting out of the city and out to the farm is always good for the soul! And leaving some folk behind is sometimes a good idea so you can focus on You Time 🙂

  2. We are getting away this weekend! Not too far, just an hour or so drive away but a change of scene, dinners out, no kids (they’re older but they still require work and supervision!) I completely agree that it is great to have a mini break. And as a coup,e it’s a nice chance just to be together without distractions. Excellent post!

  3. I’m taking the kids and hubby on a min-break (Bridget Jones style) to the city. We have a big indoor pool to hang by, the city at our doorstep and hopefully some beautiful weather to bask around the city in. Plus.. the kids eat free every breakfast! Hello Buffet. x

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