Share the Dignity – It’s in the Bag Christmas Appeal

I know what you’re thinking – September is too early to be thinking about Christmas! But let me assure you, it’s not to early to start thinking about what you can do for others this holiday season. Share the Dignity is running an appeal to donate a handbag for women in need, and I think it’s a fantastic idea.

It’s in the bag

So what is the It’s in The Bag Christmas Appeal? Basically, charity Share the Dignity (yep, those guys behind the awesome campaign to raise awareness about the need that homeless women have for sanitary items) is asking people to donate a handbag of goodies.

In their own words:

… we realised that we seem to manage the needs of children at Christmas, ensuring they’re cared for and made to feel special, but the same can’t always be said for making our women in need feel special.

They’re asking good-hearted folk to donate a handbag that they no longer use, and fill it with useful items, things that are both practical and appropriate to a woman in need.

The collection period begins on Saturday 19th November 2016 and runs until Sunday 4th December, 2016.
Share the Dignity handbag

How can I help?

Well, you could start filling an old handbag with all those little things that linger in bathroom and bedroom drawers! Travel-sized shampoos that you forgot about, hand lotion you swiped from a hotel, little blocks of soap too pretty to use. Make sure they’re unused though!

The website has a list of suggested items like toothbrushes, hairbrushes, sanitary items, deodorant or cleansing wipes. Or less practical little luxuries like perfume or lovely hand cream. They also encourage you to write a thoughtful note to let a woman know that you care.

The Facebook group sometimes posts alerts of sales where you can buy suitable items cheaply too!

And if you don’t have an old handbag, consider getting one for a few bucks at the op shop! (Genius, we know).

The other thing you can do is have a #itsinthebag party. Register here.

There will be collection points all around Australia where you can drop off your bag – or bags!

Helping others

I’m really looking forward to putting together my handbag donation. I recently rummaged around in the bathroom drawers and cupboard, look at all the things I found! They’re all going to be donated to someone who will appreciate and hopefully use them.

 Share the Dignity  donation

If you’re keen on participating, don’t forget to spread the word – use the #itsinthebag hashtag on social media, and share posts on social media to raise awareness and recruit a few more like-minded people.

Will you be participating this year? Got any awesome ideas for what to put in your bag? Please share!


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  1. this is a wonderful thing to do for homeless women. We have a group in the town where I live that do a similar thing for women, but not only at Christmas. Soroptimist Internationalare an international organization – women helping women – all over the world. I hope your campaign goes well. Have a fabulous week and thank you for stopping by my blog last week.

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