Squeeze Tons of Fun into Your Long Weekend

We all know the allure of the long weekend. That wonderful, rare extra day to tack onto an otherwise ordinary Saturday and Sunday, it cries out to be taken advantage of.

Next Monday most Aussie states celebrate the Queen’s Birthday. And if you get it off work, we’d like to help you take full advantage!

Here’s a few ideas on what you can do to squeeze tons of fun into your long weekend.

Go on a country drive

Just get in the car and get out away from it all. Go somewhere where there are no more traffic lights and breathe the fresh country air.

Enjoy some public parks and gardens

They’re free, beautiful and always popular. See my post on how to best to enjoy these gems.

Find a food truck

Or many food trucks. Sometimes they gather in a herd. Seek them out and enjoy the foodie rewards.

Grow something green

Get your hands dirty in the garden. If you don’t have one, start some little pots! It’s not hard and incredibly rewarding.

Get thee to the beach

Seriously. What better way to enjoy a day off work than relaxing by the ocean, imitating a beach bum?

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  1. We’re just finishing our long weekend (started Friday in Victoria) and it was up and down weather here – but lots of park play, bike riding, dinners and footy (mind you, we’re also coming to the end of the school holidays so we’ve been doing a lot already! I agree that the beach is always a winner!

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