What is We Love Weekends?

This blog is all about those plans that you start making on Wednesday. That feeling you get when you clock off on a Friday.

I want to give you inspiration and motivation to get out and make the best of all those days starting with “S” – SATURDAY and SUNDAY.

Weekends only come 52 times a year and I’m a big believer in not wasting a single one. We Love Weekends is your guidebook, BFF and aspirational Insta feed all rolled into one.

Who am I?

I’m a full-time cublicle-dwelling office drone that lives for the weekend. I’m the editor-in-chief, sometime photographer and idea-generator behind We Love Weekends.

My husband, Mr C, is a long-time weekend-lover and car enthusiast. He is the driver, head photographer and occasional ice-cream buyer.

We live in sunny Brisbane and are passionate about getting out and about, discovering new things and enjoying all the things that our great state has to offer.

We definitely want to help you have an awesome weekend, this weekend.

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